You may have heard of a legal document that is called a ” Power of Attorney”, but do you know what they do? This document allows you to choose a person to make decisions on your behalf for medical or financial, in the event that you are incapacitated or incapable of making decisions on your own.

It is an undervalued, and extremely important, document especially right now with the uncertainty and complexity of the COVID-19 virus. Many people have procrastinated far too long about getting their legal documents in order.

I have had many conversations with people who did not get this done and now their loved one is incapacitated and they can’t assist on their behalf. If this happens, and if it is TOO late to get the Power of Attorney document in place, then the next steps are arduous and they would include a judicial process to have someone appointed to act on your behalf or your loved ones behalf. This process an be expensive, stressful and draining financially and emotionally.

Without a power of attorney, a judge makes the decision as to who will make medical and financial decisions for you or your loved one. Another pitfall, would be that the court could appointment someone you know but not someone you would have chosen. So the best time to act is now, please get your Powers of Attorney documents in order.


Here at Evergreen Elder Law we are committed to providing the best legal services possible. We would also like to take this opportunity to share a few things that we care about almost as much… Our COMMUNITY, COFFEE and KITTENS.

Support Local

By Lisa Funkhouser Obrien

There are so many great local businesses struggling right now that need our support. Here are some personal favorites of mine!

Indaba Coffee
1425 W Broadway, Spokane, WA 99201

Kitty Cantina – NEW BUSINESS with Drive -through coffee and they have cats available for adoption. WIN, WIN!
6704 N. Nevada, Spokane, WA 99208

The Local Coffee House – is delicious!
8530 W Gage Blvd., Kennewick, WA 99336

The Benefits of a good old fashioned cup of joe.

By Lisa Funkhouser Obrien

Other than the fact, that I wake up and the FIRST THING I think of is COFFEEEE, it also has some great health benefits.

Per an article on the Mayo Clinic website by Don Hensrud, M.D., “There is a possible association between coffee and decreased mortality.” He also stated that “coffee may offer SOME protection against Parkinson’s Disease, Type 2 diabetes, Liver Cancer along with heart attack and stroke”.

Along with another article on Webmd.com, they agree that coffee definitely has more pros then cons, but they wanted to reiterate it does not prevent these conditions.

So next time you are on the dark side of a mood, grab a cup of Joe, sit in some sunshine and relax, your coffee not only tastes good, but has your back!

Information above found on Mayoclinic.org