Medicare planning attorney

 “My husband has been in the nursing home for two years, I have liquidated everything, and now I am broke, how can you help me?” 

All too often, we often see a family in this very situation who has spent almost everything they have to cover the cost of high-quality care for a spouse or loved one – ultimately leaving them with nothing. A Medicaid Planning Lawyer can prevent this situation from happening. We will work with you to create a plan to preserve your assets and to get government benefits before you liquidate your assets or spend your life savings.

To ensure the best plan is created to meet your needs, you should work with a Medicaid planning lawyer before you need coverage. Since it is impossible to tell exactly when that might be, you should start planning sooner than later. Here are a few signs it might be a good idea to reach out:

1. You’re getting older

In many cases, you can protect more assets if you planned five years in advance. This is called the “five-year period” and often comes as a surprise to those who want to protect their estate.  Having a plan in place now can help ensure you will meet all requirements during the look-back period and are eligible to apply.

2. You or your spouse have ongoing health issues

Depending on location and level of care, long term care cost can exceed $100,000 a year. If you have ongoing health issues that figure can be much more and that can be a substantial financial burden for your spouse, family or children to bear. If long-term care is something you anticipate needing in the future, it is best you reach out to a Medicaid planning attorney now.

3. You want to protect your house, savings, and other assets

Pre-planning is the best way to ensure you can protect all of your assets and keep your options open. If you wait too long, you may find yourself with minimal options including paying out of pocket for needed long-term care. In that case, funds can be spent very quickly. A Medicaid planning attorney is your best option and will work with you to strategize asset preservation.

Getting Help From An Eastern Washington/Spokane Medicaid Planning Attorney

There are many situations when Medicaid is needed to provide coverage for you or a loved one. Many people don’t understand what Medicaid covers or what the requirements for the program are. Evergreen Elder Law can help you protect access to benefits and make sure that you are covered for nursing home and assisted living care when you need it. Contact us today to request a free initial consultation. Call 509-316-9638 or use our online contact form. Home visits are available.