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VA Benefits – Pension Aid and Attendance

One important way to pay for long-term care is the Aid and Attendance benefit. Millions of Americans who have served our Country do not take advantage of benefits that they are rightly entitled to. This underutilized resource can save thousands of dollars and help pay for much needed care. Because few are aware of this program these benefits are underutilized and can pay for a substantial amount of your Long-Term Care costs.

This special pension benefit is available to help veterans and surviving spouses of veterans pay for their medical care. It is called the ‘Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit’ which is a cash benefit that is paid out monthly for the rest of the veteran’s or surviving spouse’s life. To qualify for this benefit, there is an income/asset threshold that must be met. This threshold is calculated by taking your income and deducting your medical expenses.

To qualify for this benefits, the veteran must meet all of the following requirements:
  1. The Veteran must have served 90 consecutive days on active military duty
  2. The Veteran must have received a better than dishonorable discharge
  3. The Veteran must have served at least 1 day of active duty during a war period
  4. The Widow must not have divorced the Veteran or remarried after the Veteran’s death
  5. The Veteran or Widow must need assistance with their daily living activities

With proper planning, the veteran or surviving spouse can qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits while preserving their assets. Regardless of whether they meet the asset threshold.

It is important to consult a VA Accredited attorney or representative when looking to apply for this benefit. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous and unqualified people taking advantage of veterans and making empty promises of guaranteed approval. Holland McBurns is proud to be a VA accredited attorney. Our office can quickly determine if you are eligible for this benefit and guide you through the complicated application process. Even if you have been denied this benefit in the past, we may still be able to help you either re-apply, or appeal.

In the Eastern Washington area there are no doubt thousands who qualify for these benefits considering the proximity to military bases. This benefit could help many veterans and their spouses pay for the high costs of long-term care.

If you are a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran, contact our office to attain this cash benefit for the rest of your life.

“Holland is truly one of the most sincere and professional attorneys I have come to know and over many years in the legal field. Her work is innovative in the complex area of estate planning and she strives to know the latest legal strategies to protect and represent her clients. Holland is dedicated to satisfying her clients’ needs and does it in a kind manner. She is a wonderful communicator both with her clients and with her colleagues. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal services.”

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